How do you schedule resources?

Excel? Homegrown system? Whiteboard? Stressed?

We bring accuracy and calm to scheduling

A Timewatch® resource scheduling system puts you in control, and brings accuracy and calm to the scheduling process.

It all starts with sensible views that schedulers create themselves so that they can see the resources they want, over the range of dates that they need.

Then comes speed. Schedulers are busy people. They need multiple views in various formats, and be able to flip between them quickly and easily.

Trust is next. Schedulers need to know that whitespace in a calendar is truly free. It is. As a true multi-user system, as one scheduler books a resource, it is automatically displayed in other schedulers views.

There is a lot more to scheduling perfection: conflict management, custom fields, Outlook sync, configurability, security, reporting etc. The key thing is that Timewatch® systems are designed specifically for scheduling and will increase the speed and accuracy of your scheduling processes, decrease stress, and raise the attainable level of utilization of your resources.

The MS-Office style ribbon means new users are already familiar with the system. This increases user acceptance and reduces training / learning time.
Multiple view styles; from the classic diary style (ideal for most scheduling), to the ‘Timeline’ view where time runs left to right (ideal for broadcasting, 24 hour operations and multi month task scheduling), a conflicts view that alerts users to conflicts and helps resolve them, and a spreadsheet style Data View.
The number of days viewed is configurable. Increase or decrease the number of days as you like.
View just the resource name, or add a picture, available hours in view and availability over the coming 6 weeks.
In addition to the usual ‘diary’ style bookings, Timewatch scheduling systems also allow for Task scheduling – items that can run for multiple days that can be a ratio of the time spent. For example 2 hours a day, 100% of time 2 days a week. Ideal for background tasks, project scheduling and what we call realistic scheduling, where not everything in a day can be represented with a start time and an end time, or even a specific day.
Making a booking is as simple as clicking in free space, but maybe another resource with the same skills and more availability would be a better choice. Our scheduling systems can help schedulers make more ‘nuanced’ decisions where needed.
The height of the resources in view is configurable, so you increase or decrease the number of resources as required.
Resources can be people, courses, equipment, vehicles, studios, rooms… anything.

Dig a little deeper...

Timewatch® scheduling systems offers multiple scheduling facilities and advanced features that allow the system to be perfectly configured to match their needs today, and be grown, adapted and reconfigured as needs change in the future. Click on the items below to learn more:


Who uses Timewatch?

Timewatch® Scheduling solutions are used by a wide range of industries scheduling everything from people and training courses, to aircraft and flight simulators, equipment, vehicles etc.

You name it. If it is important for you to schedule, plan and optimize their schedule, our systems can help schedule and manage them better.

Scheduling Views

Fast, intelligent resource Views

Efficient scheduling requires fast, intelligent, density configurable views. And that is exactly what Timewatch® scheduling systems provide.

Views are configurable. Schedulers can create any number of views with different resources and resource groups for the various scheduling tasks required. View density is also configurable, both in how many resources fit in 1 screen and the date range visible, as well as the information detailed in every booking.

Resource Groups / Skills

Group Resources Your Way

Every organization is unique, in the way they schedule, group and arrange their resources.

Timewatch® scheduling systems use a customizable multi-level classification system with definable groupings that can that be used to group by skill, skill level, location, language. You name it.

Resource Groups can be used when creating views, making bookings and making other resource groups.

Joining groups allows for advanced arrangements such as intersections (eg employees with Skill A in Region B), differences (eg translators with English and French, who is not in team X), and unions. No matter how simple or how complex your groupings, we can support them.


Speed is crucial in scheduling.

Every second costs spent costs real money, and delays cause conflicts, which take up more time resolving.

Not with Timewatch®.

Optimized views load in the background and are so fast they allow real time scrolling up and down, left and right no matter how many resources there are in a ‘View’.

Views are configurable, so schedulers can create a library of ‘Views’ that show the exact mix of resources, date range & level of detail for each task.

Drag and drop, skill persistence (ensuring bookings moved from one resource to another has the skill the original resource was chosen for), real time utilization analysis and proximity data all help speed up the scheduling process.

Increase resource utilization

Increased Utilization

Increase the Utilization of Your Resources

There is a limit to the efficiency that can be achieved, which is caused by the scheduling system used.

As resources all become more utilized, it becomes harder and harder to find and take full advantage of any available time. For example available time split into blocks throughout a day or week may need to be shuffled around to be made contiguous, but moving bookings around, particularly when end users need to be notified or appointments added to Outlook or Google mean it is not worth doing.

Timewatch® do not suffer from these limitations. Tools such as high density views that highlight the ‘whitespace’ in resources’ calendars, real-time availability analysis, a scheduling advisor that locates free resources with the required skills / attributes / proximity and seamless integration with Outlook & Google allows utilization to be maximized.

Contact us to learn more about the range of advanced scheduling tools available that can help increase the utilization of your valuable resources.

Outlook Integration

Seamless Outlook Sync

We provide two sync’s with Outlook: a simple one way ‘push’ for those who just want to see what schedulers have booked for them, and a more advanced and seamless bi-directional sync with Outlook.
The advanced sync is bi-directional, ensuring that any change made in either system is reflected in the other. It also provides something Outlook cannot - booking protection. If a user edits or deletes an appointment they are not permitted to, it is reinstated.
Seamless synchronization with Outlook solves hours per person per month is duplication of effort, and is invaluable in ensuring no appointment is missed in Outlook, and saves schedulers time and avoids conflicts by ensuring schedulers can see time employees have booked in Outlook.

Conflict Management

Block, Allow or Manage Conflicts?

Conflicts or double bookings can be embarrassing and very costly.

Some systems, like Outlook, allow conflicts, some stop them completely, but there are situations where conflicting books are desired or even necessary (multiple provisional bookings for example), and some where conflicts cannot be allowed (for example when one of the provisional bookings become confirmed).

Timewatch® scheduling systems allow you to control which types of bookings can exist in conflict, and which ones cannot. We also provide specific tools to draw attention to conflicts, highlighting the background of the day in red and activating a 'View Conflicts' button automatically, so they can be resolved quickly and easily.

Avoid conflicts, block conflicts, manage conflicts or a mixture. Each customer can define exactly how they want their system to work.

scheduling return on investment - increased availability, utilization, speed of scheduling, lower scheduling errors


Scheduling pays for itself in minutes

Typically, a saving of 5 minutes per professional resource, or increase in utilization of 5 minutes per month more than pays for the system, and our scheduling systems can actually save each resource hours each week.

Contact us, we'll help work out what return on investment you can expect from a Timewatch® resource scheduling solution for your organization.


Runs on All Devices. All!

Timewatch® scheduling systems run on all major devices including: PC, Mac, Chrome Book, Android, iPhone & iPad.

Our products are modern responsive systems, which means they automatically adapt to the device and screen size being used, providing functionality optimized for that device.

There is nothing to download or install on any device, so there are no headaches from unusual phones or older phone OS’s or people not upgrading to the latest release

There’s no corporate security risk from data being downloaded and stored on the device. As everything is run from a browser, users are always running the latest and most secure scheduling system.

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s fast, it’s future proof, it’s more secure.


Hyper-Secure Systems

Timewatch® systems are hyper-secure. We meet all of the OWASP recommendations for secure browser systems, and our scheduling systems are the latest breed of responsive cloud system that supports browsers on all devices. This approach avoids the security risks of systems mobile phone and tablet Apps.

According to security experts Arxan &, 97% of all paid Android and iPhone apps and 80% of free apps have been hacked.
Mobile apps download corporate data such as customers, employees, projects, appointments etc. As the devices they run on are often outside of the security control of the organization’s IT group, mobile apps constitute a very serious security risk both in use and if they are lost or stolen.

Timewatch® are completely free of this risk. Our systems operate in exactly the way Arxan and ISSA recommend – responsive web apps. There is no data downloaded, nothing stored locally, no security risk in use and no data security risks should a device be lost or stolen.

Timesheet and resource scheduling reporting


No Compromise Reporting

Our customers often tell us that their previous product didn’t report on notes, sort data the way they wanted, or have some frustrating limitation. You’ll have no such concerns with Timewatch®, if the data is in the system, you can report on it.

We provide a range of powerful reporting tools, starting with the classic print preview style reports, but updated to 2019. We manage reports with a modern Gallery view, which users love as they can flick through and locate the report they want in seconds. Reports are all managed by our security model, ensuring that sensitive information is only available to users that have rights to see it.

Reports can be styled for your organization with logos, fonts and colors. All reports support data export, but if there are any specific report formats or requirements, custom reports can be created via our SQL Report Designer or our report writing services.

That’s classic reporting, now take a look at Dashboards and Custom reporting!

CEO, CFO Dashboard


Visualize & Analyze Data with Dashboards

Dashboards help managers visualize and comprehend data faster and easier, which help them make more informed decisions faster.
CEOs, CFOs and managers gain at a glance visibility of organizational KPIs, metrics, and data across offices, teams, customers, projects etc.

Real-time monitoring allows saves administrators hours or days of analysis and preparation time each month, and provide senior managers with the ability to view their Dashboard at any time for up-to-date and accurate data with zero chance of manual preparation error.

Best still, dashboards can be customized, so if your CEO, CFO or managers need a specific Dashboard, it can be created for them.

Custom Reports

Infinite Possibilities

All customers want control over the information they distribute within the enterprise.

The task of meeting the analytical reporting requirements can be daunting, but with our custom reporting tools, there are no limits.

To start with, we provide an extensive library of standard reports and optional reports. More reports than most customers actually need, which is why each customer can choose the exact mix of reports they want to activate in their system.

Should any additional reports, charts, or dashboards be required, standard ones can be tweaked, or new custom reports can be created to perfectly match the requirements.

A powerful SQL Report Designer is available for those that wish to develop their own reports, but Timewatch® also provide a cost effective report design and creation service.

Whatever your needs, we can help you meet them.



Customization without headaches

Software customization allows for a perfect fit to your functional requirements, but can be costly and restrictive of future upgrades.

Timewatch® combines the benefits of packaged software, with the flexibility of customization, with reduced costs and while still supporting future upgrades.

To start with, we try to minimize the need for customization by providing extensive configuration options within the system. There are hundreds of configurable options, which our implementation team advise and assist you with, which is all part of the service.

Next, are Apps. Just like on your phone, Apps allow for more specialized features to be chosen, downloaded and installed by customers, again without any development overheads.

But what if you need something truly unique to your organization? A specific feature or module, a custom integration to a 3rd party or in house system? Like all reputable systems, we provide API's to access data, but we also support Custom Apps. Custom Apps allow customers to add new features, screens, modules, alter rules or kick off processes as things occur. These can be created and deployed specifically for you to perfectly meet your functional requirements. And best of all, customizations do not affect future upgrades.

Contact us today, we’ll happily discuss your specific needs and show you examples of customizations we’ve created.


Link with anything. Anything.

We provide a perfect environment for developers to create efficient, real-time integration with Timewatch® scheduling systems.

API’s include both read and write functionality, and we automatically provide only new or changed items since last fetch to make interface development simpler.

If data originates from a Timewatch® scheduling system, such as bookings or appointments, tasks, employees, resources, projects etc.rather than polling to see if anything has changed, we can notify your code there are updates to process. And if you wish to publish data from any 3rd party systems to scheduling, you can do that as well in real-time.

In addition to API's, custom Apps allow for business logic and processing to be built into our scheduling applicaiton. For example, with a Custom App and API's, we can create or help you create an App that automatically posts data to your system and you post can post data to scheduling in real time to create a truly seamless integration, which is the optimal interface topology.


Flexible Pricing Options

To provide maximum flexibility, Timewatch® provide 3 pre-configured bundles offering various feature / price set starting with the simple but capable Essentials edition, the more advanced Pro edition and the powerful, scalable and adaptable Corporate edition.

Where customers want a mixture of features or a special configuration, we offer the ‘Choice’ edition. The Choice edition allows customers to design their perfect system, with the exact mix of features they need. Choice customers work with our system implementors to design their configuration, and only pay for the features included in their design.

Customers can even start with an off the shelf bundle when the start, and migrate to a Choice edition as their knowledge of the system grows and their needs evolve.

If you wish to discuss your specific requirements, contact us, our product specialists will be happy to help.

Whitespace® Editions

Frequently Asked Questions

We need to see where everyone is and what they are doing. Can it do this?

Yes. You can create’Views’ to show the resources you want to see. Views show which resources are free and which are busy and what they are doing. You can make new bookings, drag bookings from one resource to another. It is incredibly easy to use.

Can you integrate with Outlook?

 Yes, we integrate with Outlook and other calendar systems with iCal. We also have an advanced, bi-directional Outlook integration system that allows end users to see bookings schedulers make for them on all of their devices, it also syncs bookings end users make so that schedulers are fully aware of what users book in their own calendars. Additionally, schedulers can add a level of security to scheduled bookings to ensure that users do not alter or delete them, something which Outlook itself cannot do.

We need to group, schedule and manage resources by location, skillset and expertise, can you do this?

Yes, a resource grouping system allows any level of grouping, sub groupings to be created, and then used in scheduling.

Can the system push bookings to users calendars automatically?

Yes, we support both a one way push to Outlook/Google etc. or a full bi-directional sync with Outlook / Office 365. 

Can I color code Bookings by type?

Yes, you can define colors you want to see for the different booking types.

Is it multi user?

Yes, the system is fully multi-user and scalable from 10’s to 1,000’s of users.

Can users view and schedule themselves on a mobile?

Yes, either via our app or with Outlook or Google using our dynamic calendar sync.

Can I apply a skills matrix?

Yes, each resource can be associated with customer defined skill sets and resource groups.

Can we book multiple resources for multiple dates in one go?

Yes, and once made, the bookings are tied together in what we call a chain so they can be edited collectively too.

Can the system choose the best resource for me?

Yes, our Scheduling Advisor can search for resources that meet both skills and availability requirements. It can even search for the closest resource by proximity.

Why are there 3 systems? What is the difference between them?

Wallchart®, WhiteSpace® and Time&Space® offer different scheduling features for different customer types & scheduling needs. Wallchart® is a generic solution that is focused on scheduling people and other resources. WhiteSpace® includes all of the Wallchart® functionality, but adds Projects, a MySchedule function for end users, an end user Mobile App and optional Outlook integration. Time&Space® builds upon WhiteSpace® functionality to incorporate time tracking, project costing & charging and billing to provide a fully integrated professional services automation (PSA) solution. The matrix above shows the major functional differences between these systems.

Can we see who is working on a particular project/customer

Yes, as well as resource views, you can create project and customer views.

Can I report against Projects?

Yes, both our WhiteSpace® and Time&Space® systems allow for scheduling and reporting by Project..

Can we report on estimates vs actuals?

Yes, you’ need our Time&Space® system as this allows for tracking of actuals, whereas WhiteSpace® is purely scheduling. What’s more, with Time&Space® you can report on Actual v Still Scheduled v Estimate, this always gets a “wooooo” in a demo. The beauty of Time&Space® reporting is that there are already a number of reports in the library that do this, there are also dashboards, and even if you want a specific views or layouts, reports can be created for you.

Can we personalize the information on a booking form?

Yes, you can create new fields, define their name and data type and group them into ‘Questionnaires’ which are asked when a booking is made. You can even have different questionnaires asked for different types of bookings, different customers, different resource. The system is very flexible in this area.

Can I view multiple resources on one screen?

Yes, you can create ‘Views’ with any number of resources. How many can be displayed depends upon the height of each resource in view and your screen size, but this is all configurable.

Can I schedule non-human resources?

Yes, both employee and non general resources can be scheduled (equipment, training courses, rooms, vehicles etc.)

What reporting facilities are available?

A number of reporting tools are available, including our print preview style reports, Dashboards and report writing options, and yes, you can export to Excel, Word, CSV etc.

Can we export data?

Yes, can export to Excel, Word, CSV etc.

Can it be integrated with LMS, CRM and other systems?

Yes, there are a number of standard integrations available. We also provide API’s and examples to integrate with any modern system that supports dynamic integration.

Do I need to download anything, or is this browser based?

All systems are browser based. There is nothing to download and install, so is supports PCs, Macs and mobile devices.

How easy is it to setup, how easy is it to use?

Our scheduling systems are highly configurable, so they require thought and diligence in setting them up, but once configured, they are very easy to use as the system has been setup for your organization. We recommend customers get assistance from us to help setup the system in the optimal way, and most customers recognize the value in this.

What reporting tools are available?

There are 4 main tools: the classic ‘print preview’ style Reports that everyone is used to, Drill Down reporting, Dashboards and Alerts.

Does the system come with standard reports?

Yes, there are many standard reports, we can also work with you to create custom reports if you have specific requirements.

What are Drill Downs?

Drill Downs provide are a real-time, interactive, data interrogation tool. Drill downs start with a spreadsheet like summary of core data by project, customer or employee. By double clicking on any data cell, you ‘drill down’ to the underlying data, level by level down to the underlying transactions. Administrators and managers often tell us that the Drill Downs are their favorite reporting tool as it quick, easy and helps them find the data they are looking for in seconds.

What Dashboards are available?

Dashboards are available at a high level on all key areas including: scheduling, timesheets, billing etc. There are also ‘zonal’ dashboards for each customer, project & employee.

Can I export to Excel?

Yes. Although with the multitude of reporting tools, you probably won’t not need to.

Can we stop certain users seeing certain reports?

Yes, the security system allows you to specify which reports each security level has access to.

Can I write my own reports?

Yes, the corporate system includes a SQL Report Designer. We also offer a cost effective report writing service, and even customers that have the report writer often have us create reports for them.

What Report Writer technology is used?

The report designer uses Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

How configurable is reporting?

Very. Administrators can setup: which reporting tools users have access to, the reports and dashboards that are active in your system, which reports and dashboards various users can see, even write or have custom reports written specifically for you.

How do Auto Alerts work?

Alerts can test for certain situations, then email designated people if true. For example, you could have the system test at 11:00am Monday morning whether there are outstanding timesheets and email the people concerned a message that you define. You could have a follow up alert with a different message later in the day. Common tests for alerts are late timesheets, unposted expenses, managers with timesheets or expenses to approve, late changes to a schedule. The system also supports custom eventualities. If you can define an event to test, we can create a trigger for you for you to attach an alert. 

Is this cloud based or can we install on our servers?

The Corporate edition is available for installation on your own servers. 

Is training / setup assistance available?

Yes, we provide implementation services, which includes training, consultancy, report writing and customizations. Contact us to discuss your requirements.  

Do you do not for profit pricing?

Yes, we welcome and support not for profit organizations. Please contact us.

Does it run on Macs?

Yes, our systems are responsive web applications which support all major browsers on PCs, Macs, phones and tablets.

Does it run on mobiles and tablets?

Yes, our systems are responsive browser applications with a UI designed specifically for mobiles and tablets: iOS, Android and Windows.

Is it multi-lingual, does it support languages other than English?

Not at the moment, however we are currently testing a multi-lingual version and are looking for people that want to be early adopters. Please contact us if you are interested.

Can it integrate with Active Directory?

Yes. The Corporate edition supports single-sign on via Federation Services, which supports Active Directory.

Is it scalable? Are there any size limits?

Yes, all systems are fully scalable and is in use by organizations from SME’s to large international organizations. There are no size limits.

Can a scheduling solution be installed on our servers?

Yes, the Corporate edition has been specifically designed for installation on customers servers, with configurable settings, security levels, single sign on and other features necessary for installation and maintenance in an on-premises environment.

Are there API's

Yes, API’s are available to securely access and update data and create interfaces with other systems. 

How customizable is the system?

Very customizable. Out of the box there are an extraordinary number of configurable options, but where specific functions, business logic or work flow is needed, custom apps can be created to expand the functionality available. Apps allow the system to be tailored to customers’ needs, without sacrificing future upgradability. Apps allow for custom forms or functions to be created and added to custom buttons which can be added to the menus. Custom business logic can be created to replace or augment existing logic, and custom interfaces can be created that act in real time, posting or retrieving data from other systems. If you have a unique or specific need, contact us to discuss the possibility of having a custom App created.

Can we link this with our Accounting System?

Yes. There are a number of standard interfaces for common systems, API’s if you wish to create an interface yourselves. Another option is for us (or you) to create an App for our system to link directly with API’s from your accounting system.

Can we link this to our LMS and CRM systems?

Yes. We have a number standard CRM links. LMS systems tend to require a specific interface based on how you’ve setup your system, but you can either build your own interface with our API’s, or it might make sense to create an app whereby our system calls the API’s in your LMS or CRM system.

Do we need to download anything or is this browser based?

Timewatch® scheduling solutions are browser based. There is nothing to download and install, so they work on Macs & PC’s, and also support mobile devices.

Can Scheduling link with Outlook / Office 365?

Yes, we offer both a one way push to Outlook/Google etc. or a full bi-directional sync with Outlook (Exchange & Office 365 systems). The sync is an advanced sync that not only publishes bookings to Outlook, it can ‘police’ certain bookings to ensure end users do not accidentally move or delete them – something Outlook itself cannot even do!

Do you integrate with Xero?

Yes, there is a standard App to link with Xero, which if needed, can also be customized.

Is it available for on-premises installation, or only Cloud based?

It’s your choice. All editions are available in the Cloud, but the Corporate and Choice editions are also available for on-premises installation.

Have a question? Please ask us.

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