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COVID-19 Statement

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Statement from Timewatch about the potential impact of COVID-19 virus on our business

As we all meet the challenges that the COVID-19 Coronavirus has presented to our organizations and employees, it is important to remember that the health, well-being, and security of our employees, customers, and partners is our main priority.

At Timewatch, we are focusing on keeping our workforce safe so that we can support our customers and minimize the effects to every organization we work with.

These measures include:

● Taking advice from regional government and health services and acting on their recommendations
● Advising staff to self quarantine where possible and for all staff to work from home
● Close all offices where possible, or maintain minimal physical office presence, but on a minimum of 18 feet between employees
● Reviewing key delivery relationships (including Amazon & Microsoft cloud services) to minimize supply limitations to our customers
● Ceasing all but absolutely essential business travel until further notice
● Suspending all on-premises installations and upgrades unless they are 100 percent executed remotely
● Do everything within our control to keep everyone safe

As a cloud software provider, Timewatch staff is already set up for – and highly experienced with – working remotely. We have instructed all staff to isolate and work from home. We are also rotating staff so that each office maintains a minimum in-person presence and adheres to safe distance and hygiene guidelines.

Other than the potential effects of disruption through illness, there are no technical reasons for our services and support to be disrupted. We remain dedicated to keeping our staff and partners safe and to continue operations as routinely as possible with minimal disruption to customers.

All Timewatch solutions are cloud based and have inbuilt support systems. We urge customers to use these inbuilt help desk systems when needed.

We will continue to review the delivery of our services in order to deliver uninterrupted services to all customers.

We appreciate our ongoing partnerships with customers and partners, and you have any questions, please contact your Timewatch representative or Account Manager.

Our best wishes to everyone through these trying times.

Graeme Wright

Timewatch CEO

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