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We have found the best timesheet system in the world and here’s exactly why you need it

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Every day you are wasting valuable time duplicating data by entering information into Outlook that could be used to enter your on timesheet. Frustrated (and possibly a little bored), you may have wondered why you can’t just post appointments from Outlook to your timesheet. Now, with OutlookTime®, you can do exactly that.

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Why Cloud Computing Provides a Safer and Easier Solution for your Business

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With the cloud, there’s nothing to download, no device support issues, no IT department needed, no issues with compatibility, and no issues with upgrades. Good, reputable cloud software runs in a browser, so it should run run on PCs, Macs, Linux, Chromebook, phones, and tablets.

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How Timesheets & Resource Schedules Help the Healthcare Industry Be More Efficient

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Why we like to hear first-hand what challenges the healthcare industry faces so we can help manage the best services to run efficient programs – whether through timesheets, resource scheduling, or billing systems.

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