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Meeting regulatory compliance with help from our software

Fact: a company’s reputation is at stake when it comes to quality and compliance. When your business has one foot in continuing education and another in the pharmaceutical industry, it has to meet the highest standards of quality and industry accreditation and industry compliance – twice.

A Timewatch customer headquartered in the United States must meet the highest regulatory standards. Among its services, the business delivers clinical education, risk management, and patient safety education. The company also offers consulting services to its clients that focus on risk management and patient safety.

It’s important that its own processes run at the highest – and most efficient – level.


“We have to follow a lot of rules and regulations so tracking our projects and finances is very important,” says a company executive. “Having a dedicated software system that can do that is crucial to the company.”

This is where Timewatch stepped in to help with our Time®&Money software. Time®&Money helps users track time and expenses via PC, Mac, phone, and tablet. Importantly for our customers, Time®&Money allows users to simply allocate logged hours and expenses to specific projects and budgets. It’s proven as an efficient and easy-to-use solution. 

“Every week, when I put my timesheet in I probably have 15 to 20 codes that I’m using just for that week alone,” explains the executive. “But what I like – and what others in the company like – is that Time®&Money is very easy to use. The accounting department likes how easy it is to add new codes and customize it to exactly how we need it. Any time we need to add something or change something to meet our requirements no one blinks. It is done in five seconds.”

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