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We have found the best timesheet system in the world and here’s exactly why you need it

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Every day you are wasting valuable time duplicating data by entering information into Outlook that could be used to enter your on timesheet. Frustrated (and possibly a little bored), you may have wondered why you can’t just post appointments from Outlook to your timesheet. Now, with OutlookTime®, you can do exactly that.

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How Resource Scheduling Keeps Your Milk Safe

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Detail, accuracy, and clear data is critical for Masterleo’s business which is one reason the company upgraded from Timewatch’s legacy Wallchart® for Windows system to Whitespace®, the cutting-edge resource scheduling and planning platform that runs on PCs, Macs, Phones and Tablets.

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Google Calendar Joins Outlook Sync With Timewatch

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Timewatch has provided bi-directional synchronization between our resource scheduling solutions and Outlook for many years. Recently we’ve been receiving more and more requests for the same level of synchronization with Google Calendar. We are excited to announce that development on a Google Calendar scheduling service is currently under way.


Thanks to our customers for the suggestion!

We are now looking for customers that would be interested in assisting our product research to make sure we develop a service that meets customer needs.

If you have interest in being an early adopter and providing feedback, please contact us.