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How Timewatch creates customized solutions for our customers

Tell us what you want in your time tracking and scheduling software system and it’s likely we can offer customized solutions to exactly meet your needs.

This is what we have done for many customers across many industries.

When you buy a Timewatch® product we don’t send you a box and leave you on your own to figure out what is useful for your business and what isn’t. We make sure everything we provide to your business is a real solution that increases efficiency and revenue.

Customers tell us that they choose Timewatch® over other options on the market because they need a long term solution – something they won’t need to replace every year, something they won’t outgrow, something that is configurable, something that will meet their needs today but has enough flexibility to adapt to future challenges.

Here are just a few examples of how we have worked with some clients to meet their specific scheduling and time tracking requirements.

Tired  of waiting for help to arrive? We developed an app to free up your time

Customize IT desk

One Timewatch® customer runs a help desk system that provides IT and end user support for PC users. Customers or users log tickets online but their service staff schedule engineers and  trainers to fix the issues. Our customer wanted our scheduling system to automatically email their customers when when engineers were booked and advise them of the time and date of the appointment. Additionally, they wanted to offer their customers flexibility to edit the appointment if they needed to. We added a customized solution – a system to allow end users to cancel or postpone the meeting and suggest an alternative time to meet.

A European public transport provider wanted specific information in their online schedules

We built an app to customise the Europe-wide company’s booking display text in its scheduling interface. They told us what they wanted. We did it.

This pilot training organization needed specific data attached to schedules

Customized pilot

Flying a plane is hard and learning to fly one is even harder. This major international pilot training facility required a simple way to show data on screen and share it with Google Calendars in a way that was specific to its requirements. They wanted to be able to make a simple mouse click onscreen to highlight a flight and immediately print a report on a scheduled booking. We worked together and we did it.

A supplier of telecommunications networking equipment required a custom display

This global company needed specific information in its scheduling display and required a specific format for its users when they moused over a booking. We didn’t tell them one size fits all. They told us what they wanted. We did it. Customized solutions.

When a financial services company needed a billing system to mirror its internal processes

Customize financial services

Mixing external and internal processes can be a challenge but all efficient businesses know uniform approaches can bring success. This financial services company needed to incorporate a custom billing process that mirrored the system they use internally. After discussing their requirements, we created a design that could be embedded into our standard product as an app. The company now has a custom billing system that runs within our Time&Space product and looks and acts as if it were a standard piece of functionality.

This non-profit fundraiser wanted to alert customers when bookings were amended

A customer wanted our system to automatically alert customers when bookings were added or amended and in real time. They had a great point – efficiency was a priority. We used our custom apps system to create a fully automated solution without operators needing to do anything. Communication with customers is enhanced and everyone wins.


Want to know more about how our team can exactly meet your scheduling and time tracking needs? Contact Timewatch now to talk about how we can help your business.